Practical Procedures

Order form

To simplify the processing of your impressions, we provide you with three specific order forms: two for our production site in Antananarivo (conjunctive order form, adjunctive order form), and another for the sites in Hong-Kong/Shenzhen. Each form is distinguished by a different color for clarity.


  1. Please make sure to affix your clinic's stamp and your signature to validate your order.
  2. Indicate your client code, patient's name, or patient's reference number in the designated fields.
  3. Check the relevant boxes to select the work to be performed and specify the tooth numbers.
  4. Indicate the number of teeth to be fabricated.
  5. Specify the appropriate shade.
  6. Add any additional information that may be essential for the completion of the work. If possible, also provide the patient's appointment date, considering our indicated turnaround times (see dental prothesis)


All our work is guaranteed for 3 years.

"To benefit from the warranty, it is essential to provide the initial order number and the patient's name or reference, and systematically return all defective works to us. In the absence of any of these elements, we would be obliged to invoice for the new prosthetic completion."


We kindly ask you to deliver your alginate impressions in cotton soaked in water, wrapped in absorbent paper, and sealed in an airtight bag. For better readability and interpretation, please separate your order form from the alginate. Ensure proper separation of plaster models from alginate impressions.

Optimized Logistics

Open Year-Round, 6 Days a Week

The laboratory is open year-round without interruption.

Our couriers collect your impressions free of charge within 24 hours of your call. Daily, they cover the entire island (except Cirques and Plaines) with one daily passage in your area.

Turnaround time

The delivery time is 7 working days. Deliveries are made three times a week. We strive to maintain an export and import schedule throughout the year to meet the needs of our practitioners without disruptions. However, depending on the flight schedule, especially during school vacation periods, shipping and delivery days may change.


Work is systematically delayed in case of questions, requests for new impressions, or lack of information on the order form. To avoid such issues, we advise you to be vigilant when completing the order form. Ensure your order form is as comprehensive as possible (nature of work, relevant tooth numbers, desired stage, shade, observations).