Customer Loyalty

Invoicing and Loyalty Offers


Monthly, you will receive an invoice detailing all the works delivered during the month. It is payable upon receipt within a maximum of 30 days.

The tax administration requires the application of Article D 441-5 of the Commercial Code regarding late payment of invoices. Consequently, in addition to the late payment penalties provided for in Article 2 of our general terms and conditions of sale, we will be obliged, in case of payment beyond the contractual deadline (i.e., 30 days after receipt of the invoice), to invoice you a lump sum indemnity of forty euros for recovery costs as provided by law.

Payment of the invoice can be made by:

 – Check

– Cash

– Credit card

Good to know

Change of Shade

Any change of shade from the initial order, even in the context of a repair or rework, will be invoiced according to our current tariff (Article 7 of our general terms and conditions of sale).

Return of Works

In case of defective works to be redone or modified, our clients are always invited to return them to us on the upper and lower plaster models, indicating the original order number. Otherwise, we will be obliged to invoice them for all newly performed works (Article 8 of our general terms and conditions of sale).